Do you often notice that you have back pain? Probably yes, because back pain and bad posture are common in modern society. Sedentary office work, stooping gait, big heavy bags (so fashionable and so harmful for the back) – all this has an impact on the muscles and structure of the human body and causing the skeleton to bend.
A person with proper posture, walking proudly and beautifully attracts attention. After all, you see, it is more pleasant to look at him than at a hunched, stooped figure walking with his head low down. If your back is straight it means your belly is tucked in and your chest is beautiful. So by straightening up your posture, you can instantly come across as more attractive to others. This simple change will increase your mood levels and will really impact your image.

Besides your appearance, good posture comes with many positive benefits. If your spine is curved, the nerves are pinched, it can result in difficulties with breathing, poor blood circulation, heart pain and, of course, in back pains and and neck pains. One more benefit to using good posture is increased airflow throughout the body. When we are not standing up straight, our lungs are not going to be able to take in as much air as they potentially could, so straightening up solves this problem fast.
Another major improvement you'll notice when you start using good posture is increased energy levels.
What may cause posture bending?

Let's remember how we sat at our desks at school. Bending low and pushing the nose almost into the desk? What was in the university? The same. And now working on the computer or with papers and again sitting all the time? Here is the answer.
Bad posture and back bending may occur because of incorrect desks at school, carrying heavy bags, improper body position while sitting. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of things causing the back pain.
What can be done?

First of all, you need to see a specialist who will advise how to treat your back. But there are a few simple rules that will help you to make the situation a little easier, or at least will not make it worse.
So, try to sit straight, without crossing your legs, stop carrying huge heavy bags, do not slouch when walking and not throw out your belly, do some pilates, get a massage.
You can also change the lifestyle to a more active: dancing and shaping will help to solve the problem. Of course, these methods of posture improving needs some fighting with laziness. But the result is totally worth it.

Back needs rest as well as the whole body, so it is advisable to do a some light exercises during the day (head rotation, squatting and pulling-up should be fine for this). But do not forget about the night rest. Sleep in a comfortable bed, on the quality of orthopedic mattresses and pillows.
Another (but more cardinal) way to improve your posture is wearing special corsets. They will help to correct posture and reduce back pain, but they should be worn only after consulting your doctor.
As you can see, the benefits to using good posture are numerous. And remember, it is easier to prevent bad ad posture than to cure it.