Did you ever feel incredibly tired so that you could not get your self to go to the gym? You came home and did not feel anything but incredible fatigue and the desire to fall asleep instantly? It it small wonder that you do not like sports! What to do in such situations?
After all, nobody likes to train for several hours each week without seeing any results. Perhaps you are doing something wrong? Let us refute some of the most popular myths about weight loss and, maybe your progress in the sport will beat all soon.
Myth1. It is neededd spend many hours in the gym to get beautiful body.
False. 30 minutes of average level exercises is enough to have a beautiful body. So, the excuse that you do not have time, doesn't count. Get up and o to the gym insted of sitting at your TV or going shopping.
Myth 2. To burn excess fat, you need to work very intensively
False. Most often, hard training are necessary for professional athletes, and it is not necessary that they will be useful for you. If you train too intensively, you'll spend fewer calories, since lack of oxygen in the body will prevent fat burning.
Myth 3. It is necessary to lift heavy weights to lose weight
False. This is also one of the myths. Surprised? The fact that the main thing is not the complexity of the exercises, but the technique. Proper technique and the use of dumbbells and exercisers within reasonable limits are the two factors that will help you get a beautiful figure. You think that in the course of time you will look like the Incredible Hulk? Don't worry, you will not not. These muscles are the result of years of hard training. And what you will get is a more beautiful body and strong muscles.
Myth 4. If I do not feel pain, I'm not working enough on my body
False. If you feel pain after the exercising it means you were doing something wrong. Pain is a signal of the body which means that something is wrong or you are doing something wrong. This feeling is similar to the disease. Everything causes pain because the body gives signals about the disease.
Myth 5. I do not need a personal trainer
False. You do need a personal trainer. The trainer is the only person who can show you how to do exercises properly. Do you want to do the exercises correctly and effectively? Improper performing of an exercise can do more harm than good. I doubt whether you want to spend your time on ineffective exercises.
Myth 6. I do not have a genetic propensity toward obesity
False. This is just an excuse. Everybody can lose weight. The only problem is that not everyone will use this opportunity. So, go to the gym immediately!
Myth 7. I must not eat before training
False. Of course, going to the gym after a hearty meal is not perfect, but it is pretty good if you have a little something can not hurt. Eat a piece of bread or a nutritive bar. And do not forget to drink during exercising. Remember that thirst indicates dehydration.
Myth 8. Squats will make a flat stomach
False. Sorry to disappoint you, but squats will not help in this. But we should not just forget about this exercise, squats strengthen your muscles. Just do not direct all your efforts to squats, but leave some time to do stomach exercises (aerobics fits best).
Myth 9. If I take exercises I can eat more
No and no again! Eat as much as before. The main task of the diet is to receive less calories and to burn more.
Myth 10. Everybody is looking at me
Nobody is looking at you. Everybody go to the gym to improve their appearance or just to take some relaxation by exercising. And you, haven't you come to the gym with the same purpose? And if you notice you receive some looks, they are rather expressing admiration for your body. It's no wonder, you have been working at it for such a long time!