An own home, no matter how small it may be,
gives tremendous freedom to a person.
(Silovan Ramishvili)

Do you want to build a house? To build your own home on an individual project, made exclusively for your specific needs?

If so, it is important that all of your brilliant plans be implemented into reality professionally, with a consideration for all modern technologies, for it to become not just a house, but a real fortress - the home of your dream.

But let us begin at the beginning. What does a person who wants to build a house on an individual project do? Undoubtedly, first of all he or she turns to the "eternal advisers," namely, friends, magazines, internet. Is this correct? Maybe. But only if you are not afraid to run into unscrupulous companies and, consequently, either lose in money or in quality or in both.

I have strong doubts that such prospects will suit at least someone.

In this case, the only places people should turn to if they wish to build a personalized home are reputable, trusted and open companies specializing in the design and construction of various buildings.

Their advantages are: experience, professionalism, a lot of practice, constant presence in the market, knowledge of all the intricacies and new trends of individual construction.

"Turnkey" houses

This is an excellent choice when the company that you have selected undertakes the construction of a house on a turnkey basis. That is, provides a complete package of services - from drawing up (of course, together with you) of a building project, obtaining of all permits and technical documentation, to commissioning.

In addition, these companies are always aware of all kinds of know-hows, new technologies and more profitable materials. And this gives them the opportunity to offer their customers a choice.

It should be noted that the cost of such housing is slightly higher than that the cost of housing with less complete service packages. But first of all think, what you are paying for? The price is your comfort and, most importantly, your peace.

Let the professionals do the work!

An individual project of a private dwelling house

In practice, everything starts with planning, constructor's and designer's examination of the site where soon a beautiful house will "grow".

The case, the external characteristics, the interior design, the landscape design, the inspection, the area zoning are taken into account and agreed upon with the consideration for all possible factors.

Computer visualization of an individual project

Computer visualization will help you see at the stage of planning how your house will look. Even at the initial stage of construction, you can make sure of the correct selection of the color range, light and furniture arrangement, location of the house on the land area, and understand whether the project meets your expectations.

An individual project involves not only the design of a house.
Moreover, a house project involves more than just the design of the building itself, but also the design of the adjacent territory:
- Garden;
- Landscape;
- Recreational areas;
- Terraces.

A project is an exclusive home, which is created for a specific family, and takes into account all the features of the members of this family, their habits, needs and lifestyles. In such a house, every detail is thought out, and that is so important for the comfort and convenience of life.

Peculiarities of individual design of houses

An individual project is usually carried out with a reference to a particular plot of land. The house planning depends on the size of the area and the presence of other houses nearby. The house facades can be of practically any architecture which depends primarily on the stylistic preferences of the customer, the building materials and the creative abilities of the architect.

An individual project involves design works, on the requirement specification, with a reference to a specific site, climatic and geological conditions. An individual project is carried out in compliance with the aesthetic and practical wishes of the customer, and, of course, in compliance with all building regulations.

At the end of this introductory material about individual construction, we would like to lead you to the following conclusion: value the quality, strive for the better, and let your home actually become a valuable investment into your future!