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  • The Prospects of the Ukrainian Economy for 2011

    Economy & Finance,
    In 2011, according to analysts, ambiguous times await the Ukrainian economy. The tendency towards the restoration of the economic growth, macroeconomic stability and financial rehabilitation will be combined with serious challenges of global and domestic nature. The upward GDP trend is unlikely to lead to a rise in the population's real earnings because of the specific social policies of the Cabinet of Ministers. Read more
  • What's the Cost of a Ukrainian Woman

    Economy & Finance,
    Relations between men and women in present-day Ukraine often resemble a comedy drama. They are a kind of reflection of our society. A country that mentally is situated at the junction of Europe and Asia, East and West, the Russian-Soviet past and an uncertain future, clearly shows the complexity of the financial issue in male-female relationships. Read more
  • Unique technologies of XXI century in the creation of stained glass

    Economy & Finance,
    Very often in modern interior stained glass is used. It very good idea for the living rooms. Fantastic flowers, landscapes, contemporary abstract compositions or strict classical manner of stained glass manufacturing, do not only decorate your room for receptions, but also add to it charming atmosphere. Read more

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