The construction market today gives us a choice and it is great as ever. Do you want to have a log house? Build it. Dream of a brick house? No problem! Modern new technology beckon you? Don't worry, it will be enough for everybody. But everyone has its own business. If you need to build a house profitably, there are those who offer a model of future house, which is profitable for them, not for you.

Without further ado, we offer to dispel myths about the buildings from logs now. Often those who benefit from it, try to create it around this construction technology. So do not miss the most important and the most interesting thing! Read on. Today log houses is a serious competitor and a threat to modern little-known, often unverified technology of houses construction. So often you can hear the "interesting" facts which can be called a pure lie. Read on about so-called false disadvantages of log houses construction, which are not worthy of your attention.

Risk of fire! Firstly, the risk is always there, it doesn't matter in what kind of house you live. Second, a log house is processed by special substances that prevent putrefaction and improve fire safety. The use of allowed amounts of these substances doesn't affect the ecology.

Rot, mold, parasites ... It looks more like horror stories for children, but not a serious problem. Here, it's, even opposite, advantage, not a disadvantage. It's like in case with apple. Worm doesn't gnaw fruits with chemicals. You shouldn't be afraid of parasites, which can appear in the house over time. Also, you shouldn't worry about mold and fungi, which often appear because of excessive moisture. We do not live in the Paleolithic. The emergence of such problems is solved by using antiseptics. If you build a house with the help of professionals, believe me, they will take care of it.

Draughty corners. Do not worry. If the work is carried out by specialists who take care of high quality of wooden house, you will never know what does draughty corners and humidity in these areas mean.

Heat wooden house - expensive! This idea sounds like science fiction. Wooden houses by themselves - are warm, with low thermal conductivity, rapidly heated and aren't cooled for a long time.

Problems with processing. To my mind, this "problem" is brilliant at all. Externally houses from log look colorful, spectacular, stylish. Log-house - it's always beautifully. And it smells of forest and life inside. Many people build wooden houses just because of this incredible scent and look. And any processing - is the destruction of the true color. So, what else confronts us here? In general, when it comes to log houses, it's absurd to talk about insignificant disadvantages on the background of real, important advantages of this technology construction.

Remember that log house - is primarily a heady aroma of natural wood, a touch of nature, environmental friendliness and preternatural beauty. What would you choose?

P.S. Take note that build a house from log - it means to get at least the house that "breathes", ecological with high frost resistance. In addition, these houses are quickly erected. In this house, you will be not bothered by noise from the yard.

P.P.S. Remember, it will be better if the work is carried out by team of specialists. "Hata-Zrub" company erects wooden houses in Ukraine. Years of experience, high professional level allow us to work with projects of any complexity across Ukraine and abroad. Contact phone of the company: (050) 54 28 188 (050) 52 33 117.