It smells of tangerines and already approaching holidays in the air... It's time to take care about the variant of New Year celebrations. Is it better to rent a cottage in the Carpathians or sunny beach somewhere in the Maldives? Of course, it's a good variant with islands, but agree that what is the New Year without snow, pure mountain air and smell of pine needles ... What is a holiday without sleds and skis? Holiday can come only here, in a cozy wooden house. When you are covered by the warm blanket within the family and friends, you can spend special time. In the end, better than mountains can be only mountains ... We suggest you adopt the idea of celebrating the New Year in the Carpathians.

There, where a holiday is all year around. Oh, agree that you want to breathe that delicious air right now. A little bit and you will have a good excuse. We will try to help you, of course, if you take care of dwelling in advance.

Rather, company, which offers rental of cottages in the Carpathians, will help you, and we introduce you with it right now. So, it's "Hata-Zrub" company! It has been building wooden houses, rent cottages and log cabins, thus making its contribution to your leisure, to your life. But today we aren't talking about the construction, but about rental of beautiful houses in the Carpathians. "Hata-Zrub" company offers comfortable log cabins and cottages ranging from 100 to 200 sq.m.

Cottages for 5-10 people are rented for any time. The cottages are located in the picturesque corner of the Carpathians. It’s Mizhgirya area of Carpathians, area of sanatoriums: "Carpathians", "Syniak" and so on. There are wonderful nature, clean air and incredible opportunities for recreation. Do you want extreme? Go ahead to the mountains. On the contrary, are you looking for peace and quiet? Rest in comfortable cottages - the best place for relaxation.
"Hata-Zrub" has been working in the domestic market for many years. Since its inception, the company has formed the image of a reliable company - a team of professionals who provide services at the highest European level. If you want to meet New 2014 Year in a cozy, fabulous atmosphere, go to the Carpathians.

But you shouldn't wait for the New Year. Book rental of houses in the Carpathians in the "Hata-Zrub" company and go forward for new sensations! Telephone: (050) 54 28 188 (050) 52 33 117.