Unisystem is now offering the MINI-T 400ME, a new portable cash register with a modem that measures up to the latest requirements in the fiscal equipment market and has unique functional capabilities.

The MINI-T 400ME cash register is a new Unisystem product with excellent technical and consumer features.

A clear graphic screen, high-capacity battery, fast and high-quality receipt printing, and an enhanced-durability keypad make the MINI-T 400ME a product that satisfies important user requirements. The cash register has a convenient command system, approximating as closely as possible the one implemented on the MINI-500.02ME.

But the MINI-T 400ME’s main feature is its built-in GSM/GPRS modem, which expands the cash register’s capabilities and increases the range of services that can be offered.

The new MINI-T 400ME cash register will help organize any business in the optimal way and boost revenue. All it takes is to connect the MINI-T 400ME to a remote management and control system. The manager’s computer will receive data from the cash registers, so that he can monitor the operations of his points of sale. Having information from each receipt, summary data per shift, and other information, he will be able to analyze the situation and make executive decisions promptly.

The remote control and monitoring system has a simple and convenient interface that presents the information in graphic and table form. Dozens or hundreds of cash registers can be serviced simultaneously. Data exchange between the cash register and a company’s accounting system occurs in background with no intervention by the cashier. Data import and export can be performed in Excel format.

The MINI-T 400ME has a wide range of potential uses in retail and service establishments, cafes, bars, restaurants, pharmacies, and post offices. This cash register can be used in businesses where two-tier calculation of taxes is anticipated (jewelry stores, acceptance of mobile phone service payments, pawn shops, etc.).

The built-in GSM/GPRS modem expands the range of potential uses for the cash register.
Connecting an external magnetic stripe reader to the MINI-T 400ME enables acceptance of non-cash payment for goods and services by Visa or MasterCard. By connecting the MINI-T 400ME to a payment system, owners can accept instant payments and receive additional revenue in the form of commission fees from mobile communications, Internet, cable TV, and other service providers.

For the MINI-T 400ME, an application has been developed to allow configuration and programming of the cash register from a PC (add a product database, change the basic settings, etc.).

The MINI-T 400МЕ portable cash register is listed in the State Registry of ECR and has all necessary documentation and certificates, including certification of compliance with requirements for radio equipment.