More and more Ukrainians perceive the once terrifying word combination "global Internet" as something familiar, even routine. More than ten million Ukrainians work, buy, sell, communicate, seek the necessary or simply useful information, get or provide education, keep diaries, and just live on the Internet.

There comes a kind of a turning point in the public perception of reality. More and more advanced technologies allow people to do even without television, let alone the press, libraries, theatres, cinemas, clubs, because in the Internet you choose when and what to watch, what books to read, how and with whom to communicate (even with the whole world). Now everyone can tell the world about their thoughts and desires, and someone will surely hear, read, see it, and respond to it. The social component of human life slowly but steadily flows into the Internet. Many young people believe that if something is not found in the Internet, then it simply does not exist not at all. Actually, that is the meaning of the phrase "changes of the public perception of reality".

Applying these changes to the business environment, we see that the popularity of a brand today depends largely on its presence and visibility in the Internet. Because so many people, hearing about a new product or service, first of all examine the feedback about this new product on the forums or specialized sites. And really, we can we get reliable information today? Ratings of confidence in traditional media are not growing, if not dropped entirely, and indeed, who believes the "talking heads" today?

Internet is another pair of shoes. So today it is more important than ever to be at least present in the Internet in order to achieve overall business success. It's not just about the corporate site and several banners. The presence should be active and dynamic, because here (in the global network), more than ten million of our compatriots are engaged at least in something. And, to maintain the appropriate level, you need to use the maximum number of modern advertising and PR-solutions for the Internet.

All of this can be found in the new packaged program solution from business elite portal Ukrbiznes - ub.packages. Of course, it is possible to buy the services of the package separately, but the price will be significantly (several times) higher. But the most important advantage of a ub.package is that its owner is able to use almost all the existing technologies for online advertising, thereby protecting himself of herself from chaotic situational decisions that are often ineffective. And this issue admits of no delay. After all, the sooner your company becomes famous in the Internet, the less resources you will need to spend later for maintaining the achieved level.

By registering and purchasing a ub.package, the company does not only provide its dynamic presence in the global network, but also joins the first all-Ukrainian business network, which now includes over 100 000 companies.