In Ukraine food market from time to time has some trends. In particular, in our time there is a huge Ukrainian growing desire for healthy natural food. Many people have switched to a healthy diet, which means no harmful food additives, preservatives, colorings, flavorings. Those who live by the principle "faster and cheaper" is getting less. Conscious personality seeking to protect themselves and their children from harmful "chemical" food. You do not find harmful fast food, fruits and yogurts with nitrates and dyes at their tables. What about meat? It's simple - the supporters of a healthy lifestyle are choosing Halal meat.

What does Halal meat mean?

The term "Halal" refers to Islamic tradition ( "al-halal" - allowed). This is the opposite of "Haram", that meat products are allowed to eat Muslims. This meat does not have food prohibitions complies with environmental friendliness. Because of this, it is used in food also by other nationalities who do not need to verify their compliance with Islamic tradition. These people are just concerned about healthy eating. It is important for them that these products are very tasty and useful.

Halal Meat - clean, safe, contains no additives or preservatives, so bring only benefit to man.

What meat is not allowed to use in the production of halal products:

- Dead meat (animals that have died by a natural death from lightning, current action, and as a result of stroke, suffocation, poisoning);

- Pork;

- Blood;

- Meat of animals that were not killed according to Islamic tradition;

- Meat animal predators;

- Meat mules, donkeys;

- Raw meat obtained from these animals.

There is a demand - take care about offer!

Of course, demand creates supply. Today many companies offer to buy Halal meat. This consumer market is very attractive, and Halal products has enormous interest among the meat business representatives. That's why if you want to develop your business, you should take care of the replenishment of meat products assortment, buying Halal meat in bulk. Where to do it? Please contact Pryluky-Ahropererobka company. Halal meat production is carried out by us according to all requirements:

- Strict adherence to sanitary norms;

- Compassionate attitudes to animals before slaughter and during it;

- Feeding animals only natural foods;

- The proclamation of prayer before slaughter;

- Method of slaughter - cutting the carotid artery by quick movement;

- Meat animals is completely without blood.

We offer certified Halal products. It meets religious, sanitary and technological standards. Find more information you can on our website or contact the phone numbers listed under "Contact».