The company "Sokol" produces bucket elevators on its own capacities. 

Bucket elevators single with centrifugal unloading of grain are designed for vertical movement of grain and products of its processing in all climatic zones. Produced with a capacity of 25 and 50 tons per hour (grain in kind 750 g/l) in two versions: with a chain drive - up to a height of 10 m, with a gear drive - a height of more than 10 m.

Bucket elevators are designed for installing outdoors without a canopy.

The bucket elevator is delivered as separate assemblies and parts in disassembled form.

The bucket elevator is not equipped with starting, protective, signaling equipment and wires.

The management of the elevator should be carried out from the control panel of the enterprise. At the same time, the drive of the bucket elevator must be provided when: the belt is broken or slipped, the loading capacity is full, the transported product is accumulated in the drive station.

Description of the bucket elevator

The bucket elevator consists of: drive station assembly with drive, tension station, tape with buckets, section passages 2,5m and 1,25m in length and repair.

A drive brake is installed in the drive station to prevent the bucket belt from moving backwards, and there is room for the overflow indicator to be mounted. In the tension station, a tape speed control device is provided.

In the version with a chain drive, the rotation from the electric motor is transmitted via a V-belt drive to the counter-drive, and from the counter-drive by chain transmission to the shaft of the drive drum.

In the version with gear drive, rotation from the electric motor is transmitted via a V-belt drive to the high-speed shaft of the reducer. From the slow-speed shaft of the reducer, rotation is transferred to the shaft of the drive drum.

The height of the bucket elevator is formed by a set of drive and tension stations, passageways and repair sections, connected in series. The number of sections depends on the height of the lift. In the repair section there is a removable cover.