The company "Sokol" produces granaries with active ventilation. The granaries are produced in accordance to TU U29.3-30991072-002 and are intended for long-term safe storage of all types of cereals, oil-bearing and legumes.They are perfectly adapted for working in the elevators of any configuration and storage capacity, and they are mounted on a flat, monolithic, reinforced concrete foundation.

Granaries' key features:

  • complete mechanization of loading and unloading works;
  • the possibility of active grain ventilation;
  • short installation time;
  • low unit cost of 1 ton of storage;
  • easy maintenance;
  • the basic elements are made of galvanized steel;
  • designed for outdoor use;
  • it is possible to install the sensor line.

Basic set:

  • wall's elements;
  • roof's elements;
  • stairs (internal or external);
  • ventilation ducts;
  • ventilator;
  • unloading conveyor.

Additionaly, it can be supplied with:

  • loading mechanisms;
  • claening conveyor;
  • thermometry system;
  • alarm filling;
  • early detection system of grain's temperature increasing;
  • emergency cooling system.