Almost all industrial enterprises that have any connection with this culture are asked the question of long-term grain storage. Today, like hundreds of years ago, people try to keep this product in good condition. Over the past decades, a large number of activities and rules have been created, which make it possible to provide optimal conditions for the preservation of the crop and its control.

Practice shows that the good storage of grain in almost all depends on the correct choice of equipment. Such installations allow us to constantly keep under control the state of the crop and provide it with all the necessary conditions. Therefore, today, in contrast to the old grains, silos are used to store grain of the last generation. They are 100% high-quality storage of grain for a long time.

The ukrainian market offers a sufficient number of companies that provide construction silos for grain. However, choose the best of the best - the engineering company "Sokol". The enterprise has been operating on the Ukrainian market for more than 25 years. We offer the production of a full range of equipment for elevators: granaries, conveyors, bucket elevators, grain dryers and others.

Due to the fact that "Sokol" uses advanced technologies and modern metalworking machines in its work, it has the opportunity to sell products by 10-20% cheaper than the average market value, which in quality is not inferior to the best domestic samples, and often exceeds them.

The secret of Sokol's success is professionalism, attention to the customer's tasks, as well as constant development.

Silos for grain, manufactured by the company maximally provide the best storage conditions for the finished product. Modern tanks are created by a unique technology, which makes it possible to significantly extend the life of the facilities. Silos are characterized by increased resistance to corrosion.

The specialists of the company are engaged in installation and start-up, so we guarantee 100% high quality and normal long-term work of the products.

"Sokol" performs warranty and post-warranty service.

To cooperate with us, please contact the phone numbers indicated in the contact information! Specialists of the company "Sokol" will consult you and provide comprehensive answers to all questions that interest customers.

Do not waste time! Create the best silos for grain storage with the help of a professional!