The main task of drying grain crops is to reduce the moisture content of the dried product under conditions that will ensure long-term storage of the crop. However, drying is not only a way to reduce the moisture content of the grain.

To properly select a grain dryer, you first need to determine its performance, cost, safety in operation, automatic temperature control ... In order not to worry about the quality of this equipment, please contact the leading manufacturer - the engineering company "Sokol". We have been working in this field for more than 20 years. During this period, a lot of practical experience has been gained, which is used in the production process of each installation.

The company uses only new technologies in the production process, as well as modern metalworking machines. At each stage of manufacturing grain dryers undergo strict quality control. 

Grain dryers from the manufacturer are sold at 10-20% cheaper than the average market value, and the quality is not inferior to the best domestic samples, and often exceeds them.

The enterprise "Sokol" does not stand still. We are constantly developing, improving and growing. The factory employs qualified specialists who constantly improve their qualifications, participate in various trainings, exhibitions, and draw on the world experience.

Advantages of grain dryers ...

Grain dryers from the manufacturer have a number of significant advantages:

- flexibility of decisions;
- simple care;
- speed in use;
- greater productivity;
- lower costs;
- ideal uniformity of the product;
- low power consumption.

The company offers the best prices for grain dryers from the manufacturer. This is due to the fact that the entire production cycle takes place at its own production park. The enterprise has the ability to constantly optimize the costs of the manufacturing process and implement the latest developments. All projects are individual and must be agreed with the client without fail.

If you really want to buy grain dryers in Ukraine of high quality and performance, please contact us! You will be satisfied with the work!