Security of the business correspondence is the basis of the business secret saving. To protect the confidentiality of users' letters Ukrbiznes portal developed a unique e-mail, which protects the correspondence reliably.

E-mail is some kind of a safe where you keep important information that is your capital. Dishonest competitors are always happy to learn about what information you share with your customers and partners. Do You want it? Of course not. But, what to hope for when a client create a mailbox on the resource, which states: "Your mail can be read". Well, free services of correspondence are not obliged to guarantee the most reliable level of protection. But - when speaking about business correspondence you should come to the solving of problem of correspondence safety thoroughly and meticulously. The reluctance to spend a few extra minutes could be a factor of serious problems appearance, if any third party likes to get the important confidential information which you want to share with friends. And indeed you send the information right to the enemy. Cheerless statistic: about 20% of official correspondence through the Internet is read like a daily newspaper. Do you need that your competitors found out about your plans even before your partners will get your information?

However, in late 2007 businesses had got a real opportunity to protect the privacy of the business by using the e-mail of entirely new level. Last October Ukrbiznes business elite portal introduced in the market a unique product of own portal's design. That was a mail box secured from unauthorized curiosity to business correspondence. Portal mail is protected by a special security system, which save your information. And you can see this even right now. Register your own mail box, and check possibilities of your own mail.

Mail for business people thanks to successful encoding gives more guarantees of confidentiality than the ordinary mail. To prevent attempts to attack, the specialists of Ukrbiznes portal worked out a highly sophisticated encryption technology of text messages and attachments. The system provides three types of coding at different complexity levels. And its multi-language interface and user-friendly design give possibility to perform all actions on the coding by user himself. And this, as you understand, create a group of e few people who know the password etc. As a result, the information "travels" to the destination do not by itself alone, but under careful protection. Thanks to the secured mail, designed by the Portal, sender controls the correspondence, as if he transfer letters right to the hands of the receiver.

To be sure that sending of an important letter will end successfully, the addressee only need to register in system, and get the "coded" letter from your partner and a unique code, which will help to turn the encoded data on a completely understandable information in a few seconds. Therefore, the box will not cause any problems, see for yourself! To sign in that system it's enough to spend just a minute for the registration. To verify the effectiveness of services invite your friend to try this system on the Portal. Then "throw" him a coded message. After receiving it he can easily "decode" it with the code you provided. And, besides security, in your and in his hands will be another trump card - a simple but prestigious address that is very representable to offer for correspondence with serious partners.

Secured box provides you with the best level of control of information security. After all, mail for serious people is designed taking into consideration high demands of users. Register the mailbox, and be sure that all confidential information on a new short address will be reliably protected, and will stay your confidential information.