Graphite belongs to the species, the importance of which can not be overestimated. Probably, there is no industry where it has not been applied. The material is the most relevant for metallurgy and electrical industry. Quality of production has directly dependent on raw materials. Buy graphite, which meets the highest standards, and even exceeds them, it is possible in Ukraine!

Where to apply? The metallurgy uses graphite for production of refractory crucibles and for foundry molds coating. Electrodes are also made from graphite. Graphite is indispensable for the printing industry (production of pencils, paints, copy paper, etc.). In recent years, graphite has found a new use - manufacture of "nuclear boilers". Space stations also cannot exist without this universal material.

What is the uniqueness of graphite? Graphite is obtained widespread use because of its physical and chemical indicators.

Graphite has a good electrical conductivity. As the temperature increases, the electrical conductivity increases also. What makes it more "workable", unlike metals.

As for thermal conductivity, graphite indicator is higher than in many metals, and decreases with increasing temperature. However, specificity is that the thermal conductivity of graphite depends on the final temperature of treatment. An important indicator is the fact that graphite is non-consumable and can withstand sudden changes in temperature.

With increasing temperature, the strength of graphite increases also. Graphite can well withstand compression and tension at a temperature as high as 2700 ° C. The coefficient of thermal expansion has dependent on the structure of the rocks. This indicator of graphite universality is different for each brand.

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Company produces more than 25 different brands of graphite with a carbon content from 85% to 99.95% and grain size from 4 to 200 microns, and also graphite-based products. The product range is constantly updated!

Quality of raw material from Zavalivskiy has no equal! Graphite has an almost perfect crystalline structure. Confirming its use by the largest metallurgical, machine-building and foundry plants in the world!

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