Construction of houses made from natural and environmentally friendly materials in our time is in great demand. Living in such house is very prestigious. A unique fresh air reigns there, the house looks very nice, and you can save on heating. The cottages from glued laminated timber are especially popular. This material has many advantages over solid wood.

center;">Wooden houses from glued laminated timber: what makes it so special?

Glued laminated timber began to be used for a long time ago. This material is a real achievement for the conservation of the durability of the wood. The actual process of manufacturing consists in the fact that the dried boards are glued together, lamellas are connected by core outward under high pressure. That's why, there are absolutely no cracks from the side of the tree core. And glulam doesn't crack unlike ordinary logs.

Houses from such timber are very beautiful. Additional decoration of the walls both inside and outside, is simply not needed. Because house looks so lovely without it. It fascinates our look not by artificial, but by real natural beauty. Any deformation and shrinkage is simply excluded.

Wooden houses from glued laminated timber have a high level of thermal insulation. All corner joints are perfectly accurate and are characterized by moisture resistance. Accommodation in such house - it's a great opportunity to save on heating. Optimum microclimate is maintained by the special qualities of wood, the presence of natural resins inside. The pleasant aroma of essential oils will conquer anyone. And for people with respiratory problems it is a real rescue.

It's possible to use logs of any thickness for the construction of the house from glued laminated timber. It gives a large space of imagination and architectural freedom. By using of glued laminated timber, you can build a single-storey and multi-storey buildings.

Who can you trust the construction?

Make sure of the benefits of timber houses you can only from your own experience. And to do this, you need to find experienced professionals who you can easily entrust implementation of your dream. We recommend "Hata-Zrub" company. This company has gained international recognition, creating beautiful wooden houses from glued laminated timber in Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Austria, Serbia, Greece, and, of course, in Ukraine.

"Hata-Zrub" is building wooden houses by hewn log house technology. Timber harvested on the company's own sawmills in the Carpathians. By the way, except for the construction company will provide warranty service for a year, and roofing works will be carried out for free.

So, if you want to build the prestigious eco-friendly house in the shortest possible time and at a reasonable cost, please call to the contact phone numbers.