High-quality equipment facilitates and speeds up work processes. If you are talking about the production equipment "Sokol", you can be sure of the result. Grain bucket elevator easily solves laborious tasks!

Bucket elevator is a continuous equipment, it is a part of a complex of transport equipment of elevators for vertical grain transportation. Only the use of high-quality materials and modern technologies can assess the reliability and productivity of equipment.

Grain bucket elevator is a high-tech equipment that combines energy-saving properties, environmental friendliness and productivity. At the same time, the technological process was discovered with safety and simplicity.

Design and principle of operation. The bucket elevator consists of a drive head, a belt with buckets, a drive and tension station, a passing station.

Grain mass is fed to 

buckets of bucket elevator, fixed on a rubberized tape. Due to the rotation of the drive drum, the grain material is raised to the required height and discharged to the grain pipes.

For comfortable use it is completed with sensors of speed of movement of a tape and a clutch of a return course.

Conveyor installation for grain provides a number of advantages. It greatly facilitates the work process and minimizes the need for manual labor. Modern bucket elevator is able to pass large amounts of raw materials, significantly saves time.

Production of conveyors takes place taking into account all the subtleties of their further use. Sokol's bucket elevator gurantees delicate transportation of seeds! By installing an adjustable gate in the head of the bucket elevator, the reverse precipitation of the grain mass is prevented. bucket elevators differ in their compactness, simplicity in installation and operation.

The maximum height of grain lifting depends on the design features of the models. The engineering company "Sokol" can offer a large selection of reliable and functional norias.

If you need to buy a bucket elevator, then contact the specialists of the company "Sokol". Here you can choose the equipment exactly with the lifting height that is necessary for your farm.

The company provides convenient conditions for the order and, of course, quality assurance for all its range.

If you observe the rules of operation, bucket elevator will serve you for many years!

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