No matter what people say about the state of industry in Ukraine, there are many objective reasons for real pride in our country. One of them - Ukrainian graphite which is produced in Zavalivskiy field, on the left bank of the picturesque river Southern Bug, on the border of Odessa and Kirovograd region. A major part of the deposit is located in the Gajvoron district of Kirovograd region.

Today different brands of Zavalivskiy graphite are exported to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan. Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Japan, America and to Western and Eastern Europe. The deposit is the largest in Europe, and it's valued all over the world because of perfect graphite crystal structure.

Zavalivskiy deposit was discovered a long time ago, back in the 20s. In our time, graphite is mined from the Southeast quarry. It has a depth of over 175 meters. Mining of ore is held by open way. The technological line for the production of graphite is a continuous chain of consistently related process equipment, machines and mechanisms.

Major brands of Zavalivskiy graphite:

GL - foundry graphite, for drilling and oil and gas industry, metal, iron foundry and steel industries;
GT - crucible graphite, for the manufacture of refractories, crucibles;
GE - galvanic graphite for the production of high quality battery cells;
GAK - battery graphite, for the manufacture of the active mass of batteries;
GSM - special low-ash graphite, for the production of synthetic diamonds;
EUZ-E - electric carbon graphite, for the manufacture of carbon electrodes;
EUZ-M - for the production of electric carbon graphite and electrode products, and brushes;
GK - graphite pencil;
S - dry colloidal graphite products are used for the preparation of mixtures of graphite and lubricants.

Ukrainian graphite: the ideal structure

Zavalivskiy graphite has a perfect crystalline structure. It contains the minimum amount of impurities, the composition of which makes it easy to remove them from the ore. The great advantage is that flakes of graphite released from accretion with other minerals in the weathering crust, that's why the ores are easy enrichable.

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