Crucible graphite is one type of natural graphite, which are widely used in industry. Its special feature is the large scales, which define its scope. In this article, we describe the areas in which this type of graphite is indispensable, as well as where to buy it in Ukraine at affordable prices.

Crucible graphite - is a consumable item, which is widely used to produce oxidized and expanded graphite, which are used in the production of sealing materials for various purposes. There are packings, sleeves, fabrics, plaits. The composition of graphite includes a high percentage of carbon, a small amount of ash and volatiles. Humidity of crucible graphite is not more than 1%.

Сrucible graphite is widely used in the manufacturing of ceramic graphite, melting crucibles, couplings, fuel injectors, and in high-temperature furnaces lining. Due to the large flake of material, the thermal conductivity of these products increases significantly, that enhances thermal resistance of products and increasing their service life.

As the crucible graphite is infusible and inert, it transmits these qualities to products which are made from it. Its quality is improved, the surface becomes smooth and the metal almost does not stick to it. This kind of graphite is produced in accordance with GOST 4596-75 of three brands GT-1, GT-2 and GT-3.

Where to buy crucible graphite?

Of course, it's better to buy from the producer! In Ukraine, it is a well known company "Zavalivskiy graphite" - a monopolist in the production of natural graphite and production of graphite products in the territory of Ukraine and the European part of the CIS.

The company is constantly expanding its range of products. And it has the best qualities indicators not only in the Ukrainian, but also in the global market. Such indicators as: own capacities of production, processing, grinding, cleaning, sieving and storage of graphite, high professionalism of the team and the use of modern technologies allow to achieve company such a great results.

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