One of the oldest sciences on the earth - Ayurveda - gave women a lot of wonderful recipes to preserve the skin young that are relevant today also, and has the same effect as the most advanced cosmetic preparations. One of the unique and topical agents is UBTAN.

UBTAN - a natural phyto-mask, which is a powder of a mixture of herbs,cereals, nuts, clays …
It is used in Ayurvedic healing system to cleanse, rejuvenate the skin and body as a scrub.
UBTAN also used as a nourishing and cleansing mask for the face.

Also UBTAN can be used as a natural remedy for daily washing.

Despite the fact that this remedy has many hundreds of years, even today it is used in wedding ceremonies in India to make the bride's skin tender, supple and velvety.

"What's the effect UBTAN has?"

UBTAN opens pores, draws out dirt and toxins from the skin. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin. It promotes the regeneration of new cells. It relieves skin irritation, itching, redness. It prevents the appearance of pimples and acne.

UBTAN can be added to baths for children - calms irritation of the children's skin.

"How does UBTAN use?"

UBTAN can be used like: soap, scrub and mask.

It is suitable for all skin types, and depending on the composition can effectively deal with all sorts of cosmetic problems: dryness, flabbiness, enlarged pores, rash, exfoliation, eliminates puffiness, removes excess fluid, smoothes the skin roughness.In addition to the cosmetic properties it possesses of healing features, which helps to fight with various kinds of eczema, atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, etc.

However, it is not recommended to use this herbal powder for abrasions, fungal, infectious skin diseases, ulcers, and open wounds.

And it is not suitable for allergies to any of the components.

Traditionally UBTAN used for washing the face and body.

Powdered herbs diluted in a small amount of fluid and circular movements applied to the skin, gently massaged, dries and rinse with water.

It has also a scrub effect, removing dead skin particles, and as a mask, nourishing, toning and improving the overall condition of skin.

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