Many of the fair sex believe that the only natural cosmetics can bring benefit and successfully fight skin aging.

Even in ancient times such famous beauties like Cleopatra used only natural cosmetics. However, there no choice in that time. It is now on store shelves you can find a variety of chemistry that promises eternal youth.

Nevertheless it is a natural handmade cosmetics is a favorite tool of the ladies of all ages. In this article, we are not going to praise the benefits of natural care products for skin and body. We want soberly evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of natural cosmetics and make the final verdict.

Natural handmade cosmetics: What is the benefit?

Natural raw material, which contains a huge amount of amino acids, nutrients, oils and vitamins is used in these remedies. After reading ingredients of the cosmetic product, you will not find scary titles like sodium sulfate or propylene glycol. It was replaced by pleasant perception of grape seed oil, olive oil, Shea (Karite), cranberry extract, roses extract. Through the use of such a gift of nature skin literally comes alive.

Using natural cosmetics handmade essential oils provides additional nutrition to the skin trace elements and wonderful effect of aromatherapy. The natural remedy contains the minimum number of colors. If preservatives are present, it is only natural.

Do they have disadvantages?

We could to chant a long time the positive aspects of the natural ingredients of cosmetics. But then this article will lose its objectivity. Of course, everything has advantages and disadvantages. Natural cosmetics - is no exception.
The first disadvantage - it is, of course, the storage period. It is smaller than the "chemistry" has. Also, using natural products, you aren't safe from allergic reactions to some of the components of cosmetics.

Aroma - instead of sweet perfume aroma you will feel very delicate notes of essential oil or fragrance, which exudes a gentle aromas of natural extracts and natural oils. And in some cases, natural cosmetics do not smell.

Although this can be attributed to both: disadvantages and advantages. Here it's all individually.

Based from the above, the following output arises. Natural handmade cosmetics definitely is worthy of attention. However, like any product, it is necessary to choose carefully. Ukrainian company Swan produces exceptionally high-quality cosmetics. These are cream for the face and body, toners, balms, handmade soap and much more. The products are always fresh, most of the goods are made the day of order. To view the company's products can be here.