Of course, most of us dream about cozy and warm place where we can relax, breathe in deeply after a hard day. Your own home can become such place. The house that "breathes" with you, where the unique microclimate reigns. This is possible if your nest is made from natural, environmentally friendly materials.

Construction of wooden houses is considered a new environmental technology through which you can breathe freely. Because construction materials which is used by "Hata-Zrub" company can regulate moisture, giving warmth in winter and coolness in hot days. In addition, in the construction of wooden houses we use natural materials. So, if you want to join to fight against climate change, and improve quality of your life, order the construction of wooden houses. This house reduces carbon emissions approximately by 10 tons. Thus, if in Europe the number of wooden houses would have increased approximately up to 10%, this would reduce CO2 emissions down 1.8 million tons.

Healthy body in a wooden house are obvious, including even allergic persons. Wooden house - it is our health, thrift, economy, the benefits of which transfer in the quality and style of life.

Natural raw materials

The technology, which "Hata-Zrub" uses in the construction of wooden houses, consists of the modern production process, where only natural materials are used. The design of the frame consists of wooden pillars and beams, which are interconnected by means of nails, glue or special tools. The frame of the house is made from logs prepared in advance pine (timber) or other conifers. It is installed on insulated foundation slab, protected from moisture. The ceiling and floor are created under special control so that the beams will be durable and will be able to withstand under load on the roof.

Wood, as a raw material - is extremely easy to handle material that provides not only excellent thermal insulation, but also resistant to many chemical factors. The special feature of wood is cracking along the fiber, which allows to use metal fasteners, nails or screws. Usage of wooden technology for building of house can increase the area of the building because the house has thinner interior walls.

We can say with confidence; such houses are simply irresistible. They are distinguished by a specific style and the surrounding atmosphere. Wooden house - it is a part of mountain scenery and forest glades, which are generate warm and sentimental feelings in us. Get those feelings by ordering construction of houses from timber in "Hata-Zrub". We guarantee a good quality and a great performance of our job.