Houses is a place where we spend a greatest amount of our time. It's believed that nearly 70-90% of our time we spend indoors. If you don't wantyour house became quite, slow destroyer of your health, you should take care of the material from witch it is made. Ignoring the fact from what made the house, you are destroying your life, unaware of harmful substances released from the materials of your house. But fortunately there are not only modern materials for constructions, but also traditional - wood. Sometimes it seems that it's expensive investment, but later you will realise, that further costs will be reduced to a minimum compared to other materials. So before you buy and build, think carefully about it. The ideal variant is to build using wood.

Wooden houses have built since the Middle Ages. For some time they were pushed by brick, but in recent years the fashion on wooden and natural houses return. People have only recently rated their benefits and with real enthusiasm relate to the new technology of construction beautiful and original wooden houses. So, what led to such a triumphant return to the markets this forgotten masterpieces?

Types of wooden houses.

Wooden houses are built in several different ways. In Ukraine most common are two types : houses of beams and skeleton houses.

Houses of beams - the most associated with tradition, because they were built even during the first Piasts. Suggests from the name, they are created of large wooden beams that are combined one with one.

Skeleton houses - these types of buildings have their frame in which are taught beams and other wooden elements of design.

Both types are looking beautiful not only in the village corners, but also in the suburbs of big cities, where with every time are becoming more and more houses.

Opportunities of wooden houses.

Large part of people thinks that comfort of living in the wooden houses is significantly higher than in brick houses. As confirmation they use such statements :
– natural, close to the human raw;
– nice internal microclimate;
 – quick construction;
– long-term;
– easier to do a repair;
 – the possibility of his transfer to another place;
– aesthetic.

Scientists made a research from which implies that residents wooden of houses live on a few years longer than people that live in the houses made of brick. This conclusion is unexpected, but enough convincing in order to build such house for living.

Many people that were once in this house gave attention to the fact, that it's easier to breath. And you can feel how essential oils are stand out from the beams every day. That's why this houses effect not only on our health, but also on vulnerable and important breathing apparatus.

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