картины, панно, плитка и фартуки. ">3D skinali, paintings, panels, tiles and aprons.

I guess I will not be mistaken, or not much mistaken when I say that today, the format of 3D, one of the most popular in the interior and exterior of houses, offices and shops.


And the question is, in my opinion, not only the desire of the consumer to be "trending" this decision is not only impressive, but simply effective. What am I talking about?

But let's order. Let's start all the same with a spectacular such decisions. That's nice not cool. Although if you do not twist it is not beautiful. I mean that the most pronounced effect seen when we move past the skinali with 3d effect.


Due to the multi-layer printing, and many small lenses, such a product is the volume of the effect is not only when we look at it directly, but also changes the picture while driving past it.

Now why would we want from this product? In the first place, but beauty also practicality.

For example. First. We wish that the product or scratching. Please, we produce skinali, aprons, murals, paintings and glass furniture with a 3D effect of tempered glass.

Now you can be sure that even a cup of coffee, in a burst of affection thrown in your husband and got on such a surface will not hurt her. Cleaning aggressive means? Also there is no problem. From any detergent (even powder), the surface does not darken, brighten and not covered with spots.