Often after a hard working day we want not just to relax, but get a charge of positive energy, which is able to return to us strength and desire to rejoice and delight loved ones. Natural cosmetics as a underline;">natural "geyser" bath can give us this happiness and surge of energy. Often it includes the usual baking soda, which balances the acid-alkaline balance of our skin, has a positive effect on the metabolism of the body cells and helps in the absorption of oxygen tissues.

Also the composition of bath bombs may include citric acid, which is able to clean our body from slags, toxins and improve the excretory function of the skin.

The most common component in "geysers" - is, of course, sea salt, which has strong healing properties. It is a part of many wellness water procedures, to strengthen immunity and general condition of the skin. Thanks to a complex of minerals belonging to the sea salt, it makes our skin smooth and supple, has beneficial effects on the nervous system, relieves stress and fatigue in the muscles.Baby baths with sea salt is prescribed even for kids with high muscle tone to solve many neurological problems.

And one of the main components of baths "geysers" are essential oils, which have an indisputable positive effect on our body (in case of absence of allergic reactions to a particular component or individual medical contraindications).

You should underline;">buy bath bombs, because of their soothing, anti-cellulite, invigorating and cleansing properties. Evening bath with fragrant "geyser" has a complex effect on our body not only through the skin, but also, as mentioned above, through aromatherapy. "Geyser", dipped in a bath, dissolved in hot water with a hiss, releasing essential oils, filling the bathroom and has beneficial effects on health and mood.

For example, the essential oil of mint tones up tired body, refreshes and reduces stress. The smell of mint removes tension, refreshes and invigorates. Everyone who feels tired just need a rosemary essential oil. Revitalizing "geyser" bath will give the skin elasticity and return a taste of life. Also oils that are part of bath "geyser", absorbing into the skin, perform the role of natural moisturizer, nourishing it useful components.

Swan Company, in addition to traditional bath bombs, as an additional skin care of the hands or feet, has developed an excellent tool - a geyser in the form of dry mixture, which dissolves in water, creates the effect of hissing and seething, like a geyser.

So luxurious fragrant bath "geysers" give us not only the aesthetic and physical pleasure, but also soften the skin, smooth it, moisturize, open pores, helps to regenerate new cells, relaxation and reduces stress.