The engineering company "Sokol" for more than 25 years produces grain dryers that are intended for continuous drying of wheat, rye, barley, oats, maize, rice, rapeseed and other cereals, oilseeds, legumes, small-seed and cereal crops for seed, food and forage purposes.

The design of grain dryers is finalized and improved taking into account the wishes of customers, new design improvements and a modern approach to the production of process equipment.

We are so confident in our grain dryer that we have established a warranty period of 5 years.

Dryers can be used in individual farms, at grain receiving plants, mills, elevators and other enterprises of the agro-industrial complex. 

Our dryers reach a capacity of up to 100 t/h when processing wheat seeds at 6% moisture in a drying mode with cooling.

Grain dryers work on such types of fuel: natural gas, liquefied gas, diesel fuel, plant waste, and also it is possible to organize the drying with a variable mode of operation - gas/vegetable waste.

Grain dryers are designed for outdoor use. The work is done in automatic mode. The control circuit allows you to constantly monitor the temperature of the drying agent, heating the grain, the grain after cooling.

Of great importance for the quality of work is the automatic maintenance of the required grain moisture at the outlet, based on the temperature dependence of the spent drying agent that passed through the grain and the moisture content of the grain itself.

The advantage of grain dryers is the unique design of the cooling sections, which allows to lower the grain temperature irrespective of working conditions.

In a grain dryer with 2 or more modules it is possible to realize recirculation drying, in which some of the modules perform the function of a recirculation shaft, and the rest - the drying shafts. Such a scheme allows to dry the grain in the flow with practically any initial humidity and its significant fluctuations. The original arrangement of the boxes minimizes the non-uniformity of drying

During operation, all atmospheric air entering the heat generator for heating passes through cleaning from light impurities, reduces the risk of fire.

In models with built-in gas heat generators, monoblock progressive fan burners from leading European manufacturers are used, as well as automated control of the operation of the dryer on the basis of an industrial computer and a touch panel operating panel.

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