To build a grain storage is not only to create a working system, but also to guarantee the quality of work for many years. However, we should not forget about the state of grain, on which the profit of the economy directly depends.

The issue of preserving the quality of grain remains the main issue for grain processing enterprises. One of the problems of grain processing enterprises, which affects the efficiency of production and the preservation of grain quality, is the rapid wear of equipment.

Especially it concerns enterprises with a high intensity of reception - unloading of grain, especially with high hardness, such as corn or barley. At such enterprises the wear of pipes goes for weeks and months, that leads to loss of grain, grain is injured, flour dust is formed.

The leading engineering company "Sokol" has found a solution to this problem. In 2013, the principle of lining pipes with polyurethane was proposed.

Today, the effectiveness of such a system is confirmed by hundreds of entrepreneurs. In practice, it is proved that the polyurethane lining not only protects the equipment from wear, but also protects the grain from crushing.

Polyurethanes are the most versatile materials with high resistance to abrasion. No less important is the high tensile strength, resistance to mechanical damage, high resistance to weathering, moisture and chemicals. The range of operating temperatures of polyurethane ranges from -60 ° C to + 150 ° C, which is more than enough for the operation of the elevator. And this material is ecological, which is important when working with seeds.

"Sokol" offers a variety of methods for lining pipes:

1. Manufacturing of polyurethane pipes, junctions, crossings of popular sizes for inserting them into worn out and new pipes. Such ready-made solutions make it possible to quickly carry out the lining of equipment;

2. A sticker of polyurethane sheets of various thickness and overall dimensions on the inner surface of pipes and crossings is not standard sizes and shapes.

3. Application of the combined lining method for equipment.

The construction of granaries, using polyurethane technologies, will not only ensure the uninterrupted operation of the equipment for many years, but will also significantly reduce the cost of repair and replacement of your equipment, which will ensure additional profit by reducing losses and improving grain quality.

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