Perfume for every woman became a daily vital cosmetics. Sometimes it happens that you can choose the right perfume much longer than the wedding dress and gold earrings. This is a very responsible and individual matter, because you want to choose a fragrance, which will reflect your character, sophisticated style.

The whole world is filled by perfume on a water-alcohol based. In the shops you can see a lot of bottles of various shapes and sizes of toilet water or perfume.

Today underline;">perfumes from essential oils as before are made exclusively from natural ingredients. For example, TM Swan perfume are made from more than 30% of essential oils  and have a lot of different ingredients: lavender, bergamot, tangerine, orange, grapefruit, cinnamon, nutmeg, rose, jasmine and others.

The disadvantage of such kind of fragrances - short-term intensity, hold on the skin during the day or half a day, depending on the cost.

But the real perfume, which were used in ancient times, did not contain alcohol, they were made on the basis of essential oils. At that time, perfume craft was delicate and mysterious business and incredible recipes of liquid preparations was kept in a secret.

Arab countries are considered the homeland of the perfume oil manufacture. Essential oils and adding to them a variety of spices, floral extracts were used at first time there.

Oil-based perfume are different from other, because of their unique feature - a wonderful aroma noticeable when a person moves, in a fixed position it practically unnoticeable. Besides, enough to spray on the body or clothing, just one drop of the mixture and the smell will remain for the whole day.

But we should distinguish the oil perfume and essential oils, which in its pure form has intense aroma, evaporate quickly.

Some varieties of natural perfume by reaction with water aroma begin to increase at times, and other - even shouldn't smell as they are able to change the flavor on contact with the body.

Anyway, oil perfume has always distinguished of its unusual aroma, richness and durability among others.

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