Selenium is essential for human and animal waste. It is an active trace element that is included in most hormones and enzymes.
The biological role of selenium related to its antioxidant properties. It is involved in the construction of one of the key antioxidant enzymes - glutationpiroksidazy. Selenium deficiency can cause diseases of different organs, which are expressed on a background of low acidity and are the cause of premature aging and reduce the duration of human and animal life.
The work of scientists from many countries to study the role of selenium have shown that selenium drugs have good curative and preventive effect for many diseases, help cleanse the body of toxins and various toxic substances, improve immunity and enhance the body's self-regulating processes.
The daily human need is 200 micrograms. The main indicator is the amount of selenium in the blood. For normal functioning indicator enzymes in blood selenium levels should be at least 160-170 micrograms per liter of blood.
Scientists have shown positive effects on the human body selenium compounds in doses of 0.05 - 1.1 mg / kg. Under the influence of these doses are improving carbohydrate and phosphorus metabolism, antihistamine and anti-allergic effect, anticancer effect, a positive effect on the cardio - vascular system.
Experience shows that the food additive "Neoselen" has no side effects, but its reception is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations.
Depending on the preservative manufactured hydrochloride - acidic and neutral solutions.
Features of the application "Neoselen" lies in the fact that the concentrate is diluted twice:
1) The content of the vial is diluted with electro-activated water*** (10ml vial - in 1 liter of water stored in the refrigerator);
2) the resulting solution was added to a glass of water, tea, etc. in an amount of:
children under one year - 25 drops,
children up to 2 years - half a teaspoon,
Children up to 5 years - 1 teaspoon,
children up to 12 years - 1st dessert spoon,
adults and 1 tablespoon of th.
Take a preventive measure once a day during a meal from 2 months to 2 years.
For therapeutic purposes, you need to adhere strictly to the reception scheme for a particular disease.

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