The physical properties of graphite

Graphite - is one of the modifications of carbon, which is easy to process. It has a high electrical and thermal properties, and it is characterized by high flexibility. That's why, graphite lubricant is widely used in the industry.

Considering that the crystal lattice has a cellular structure, graphite itself is a layered element. If we compare it, for example, with diamond, which also belongs to the group of carbon, the graphite is 10 times its softer. It is proved that it is possible to make conversion of graphite lattice in diamond lattice under the influence of temperature above 1500 ° C.

Depending on the physical and chemical properties, there are different types of graphite. Therefore, one or another brand of graphite is used for a particular product. It must meet certain technical requirements. By itself, the natural graphite has the form of fine powder. The greater percentage of carbon content is, the more valuable it is considered.

Mining and production in Ukraine

Ukraine has one of the largest reserves of natural graphite. The largest graphite mine in Ukraine - Zaval'evsky, which is located in Kirovograd region. There also is a plant, which produces a variety of products that meet all technical requirements and state standards. The products are also being exported to various countries. Graphite, which is produced on this plant has excellent physical and chemical properties, as well as the ideal structure of the crystal lattice.


In the steel industry, graphite is used for the production of refractory ladle, because it has a large electrical conductivity and refractoriness.
In the foundry graphite is used as a lubricant for molding.
In engineering, - as material for the equipment (bearings, piston rings).
In medicine, the graphite is used for manufacture of homeopathic agent for treating skin diseases and it is added to various drugs.
In general, graphite has a very wide application. You can add to this list, and refractory bricks, polishing and grinding paste, graphite pencils, lubricants, paints. Also, graphite is used for the protection of concrete, steel, wood, aluminum, cast iron products.

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