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When it comes to the choise of materials for building houses, it is confusing many people. Now there are different types : wooden, made from bricks, foambloc, frame and others. Each has their advantages and disadvantages, there you need to do a choise from your desires and financial capabilities. One of the most popular is  underline;">frame house made of wood.Here are their features and benefits.

Frame-wooden houses have the following characteristics as durability and longevity. Moreover, they are not tied structures made from a bar, brick and concrete. In addition, those houses have good insulation and breathability walls, that are good for your health.

With the problem of increasing energy price, frame houses are good in that their heating is not very expensive what is not true about houses of brick and concrete. They use autonomous heating system where is used gas, electricity, wood, coal or another raw material. The same about sewerage and water supply.

Finished frame houses is ready to withstand earthquake up to 9 points on the Richter scale. They are designed for 75 years. The construction of the house is made by the crew of 4-7 people in a relatively quick period of time - month and a half. Another adventage of this type of house - the ideal surface of the walls, floors and ceilings. This involves of using a calibrated timber. The construction of the same buildings can be different defending on the wishes of customers.

In general, frame-wooden houses have the following advantages:

– a small price of the house "under internal finishing processing", which allows you to save money, but also to save a high quality;

– quick building;

– work can be done at any time of the year;

– lightweight of the building helps you to save the regeneration of the base, and also eliminates the need to use heavy lifting equipment;

– the use of environmentally clear materials;

– the walls have high heat-saving properties;

– frame houses can be up to 3 floors, and design of any complexity;

– wood is treated with a good quality so that's don't lead to destroying. This allows to do a internal finishing processing immediately after the collection. As fact as hardware differ smooth surface, internal and external processing will look high-quality and equal;

– minimum cost of complex structures;

– great fire resistance;

– design of this kind of buildings allow you to give up placement combinations inside the walls;

– opportunity to make extension without any serious costs and violation comfort accommodation.

Statistics says that every year frame-wooden houses getting more and more popular in different countries in suburban areas. It shows the effectiveness of this type of house.

If you are not decided what type of house you want, we recommend to choose a frame-wooden houses. Cost of the house depends of degrees complexity design. Overall, this is the perfect solution, because they have high sustainability, beautiful appearance and does not require significant financial costs.