left;" src="http://files.ub.ua/article/article/5/6138_476624_1477490982.jpeg" alt="" />It is well known that the wooden houses - some of the best, because of its environmental friendliness and aesthetics.They continue to be popular in our time. But technology goes on and on, so new types of wooden houses appear. One of these technologies - glued beams. It is gaining popularity nowadays so it is necessary to describe it and its benefits.

 Construction of wooden houses "Glulam" involves the use of slats glued packages that are pre-sorted and prepared. For this purpose coniferous wood. Boards are handled by different antiseptics and fire protection solvents. After that they connect boards by special mini spikes.

 It is believed that the use of glue destroys the environmentally friendless of material. In fact it is not. It is necessary to use high-quality and expensive adhesive that's why this technology is not cheap. So, if you are offered a very low price for Beams, this may indicate a defective material. Ideally, the adhesive should be neutral and non-toxic. You should require quality certificate from building companies. It may be Ukrainian or European quality standard.

 What are the advantages of this kind of building? 

1) Speed of construction. Construction of houses of laminated veneer lumber is quick process because bars are flat and they well combine without forming gaps between them.

2) Durability and strength. This is achieved through maximum snug fit beams to each other. In addition, it helps to avoid deformations due to changes in temperature and humidity.

3) Use of antiseptic glue. As mentioned, environmentally friendly material remains.

4) Excellent thermal conductivity. In the construction you get cozy and warm house where energy efficiency will be an order of magnitude higher compared to buildings from other materials. The cost of heating of the house is much reduced. The main thing - insulate the roof and floor.

5) The possibility of building at any time of year. Glulam able to resist humidity, it retains its original properties. Therefore, the construction can be carried out and autumn, and winter.

6) No need for additional sealing because beams adjacent pretty tight.

Overall, the construction of the house, though expensive, but the result is worth it.

If you need to build a wooden house, please contact our company. We have extensive experience in the construction market, we use only high quality materials. Make sure that the wooden house - eco, beautiful and safe.