The technology of erection of houses from wild logs - is one of the oldest. It is difficult to call it technology, if you can imagine how hewn tree trunks are used previously. They are pinned to each other and fixed with improvised materials. The evolution of man and development of society as a whole have led us to the construction of multi-storey skyscrapers and buildings from brick and concrete. Urbanization has been at the peak of popularity for a long period of time, but the last few years it should be noted a tendency to its extinction. Cities, with its bustling streets, compel us to think about the silence and fresh air outside.

Construction of wooden houses is gaining momentum more and more. It is interesting that ancient methods of work are becoming popular again. This is not surprising, because the easiest way to be reunited with nature is the usage of that, what it gives us. Houses made from wood - it's eco-friendly and practical option. Its economy also should be noted: the wooden walls retain a heat inside the building in winter, and coolness - in the summer.

House from wild-logs - it's a symbiosis of the ancient techniques and many years of human experience in building industry. Today, thanks to the usage of modern construction equipment and additional materials we can construct, not afraid of this word, the perfect wooden house.

Construction of wooden house from a wild timber assumes careful selection of the trunks thickness. As the log is not processed, and its "natural look" is used, this process is quite scrupulous and important for in order to avoid cracks in the walls of the finished building. Like the all wooden houses, the house from wild-logs is shrunk at first year. The average it's up to 10%, but you can greatly reduce this rate, if you rely working process on professionals. You should start to make installation of overlaps, roofs and other things about a year after the construction of boxes, because it is necessary to wait for the moment when the house will "sit".

From the foregoing, it can be concluded that the construction of the house from timber is a long process. We will not refute it, but we just want to show you advantages:

1. The walls from wild-logs do not require finishing works inside the building, and it means that you can save money.
2. Construction does not require extra-strong foundation.
3. High environmental friendliness, aesthetics and an incredible atmosphere.

Construction of log houses - is our specialty. We know about the tree everything! "Hata-Zrub" - it's a reliable team of professionals. We love what we do and if you want to start the construction of house made from wood - we are happy to help! We guarantee the quality of work, responsible and creative approach! Please contact us and we will create a coziness together!