justify;">Noisy city, frantic pace and constant rush. This is the reality of life in the city. Skyscrapers and boxes of brick houses bother you and put pressure sooner or later. Construction of wooden house - it's a great option for those who want to to escape from the hustle and bustle, at least temporarily. If you are thinking about private house - this article is for you. Because we will highlight all the advantages of living in the house, which is made from wood in it.

justify;">We think, you should know more than it's eco-friendly and the closest to nature variant of home. Of course it is clear that tree - is material, which is given to us by nature. Walls of such house "breathe" of fresh air and all inhabitants also get a lot of oxygen. You can feel this very clearly, especially after living in brick buildings. We tried to understand for ourselves what can cause distrust among people in relation to wooden houses. Several points were highlighted:

justify;">1. Safety.
You can say, that wooden buildings have property to burn. Perhaps, it could be in the Middle Ages, but not now - we answer. Today, high-quality impregnation protects the material from burning for many decades. Of course, you should repeat this processing. But, you can be sure, that it will be less frequently than it may seem.

2. Expensive.
We will not refute this fact and mislead you. Construction of a wooden house - is not a cheap pleasure, but we can assure that, compared with the construction of brick houses, it's more profitable. Because wooden house after commissioning requires less financial expenses for the interior trim. For example, it's house from wild-log. Its originality and aesthetics lies precisely in the manually prepared bars, which look more natural in the interior. It should be noted that the wooden house -it's a structure, which is much lighter in weight than any other building, so its foundation should not have extra strength. This fact shows that you can save money at the stage of laying the foundation.

Another plus is energy-saving. Wood as a natural material has excellent insulating properties and retains heat inside the building in winter and coolness - in the summer. So you win again and heating costs will be minimal. Another interesting fact. Wherever you decide to move - a wooden house is always possible to disassemble and take away with yourself! There is a practice of transportation even assembled houses. This is a huge plus in favor of the construction of wooden houses from logs.

It is important to choose a team of professionals for the successful construction of your house! "Hata-Zrub" offers its services. We have many years of experience and qualified specialists in our arsenal. Contact us and we will create a cozy accommodation together!