Quality flour is made from good grain. To improve the quality of the grain, it must be ventilated - this allows you to clean the grain of unnecessary small impurities and dust.

Active ventilation of grain is carried out by fans, which are installed together with granaries. The fan provides a continuous supply of air through the cannels. Such a vented bunker is made of galvanized steel. In form, the grain bin is a cylinder with a conical roof. Concrete foundation must have special channels. Such a device also provides fumigation - the fight against pests of grain. After storage in a ventilated hopper, the drying time of the grain is reduced. Thus, the equipped grain storage facilities ensure continuous operation of grain dryers. For the same reason, such a silo is ideal for crops that have high humidity. Such bunkers may have tapered bottoms, but this does not change the process of grain loading in any way. In the silo roof, alarm systems are built in which show the level of filling. Fan tubes are covered with perforated flooring. It allows you to clean the air before it hits the grain. The thermometry system makes it possible to control the air temperature inside the hopper. With screens, you can do this from the outside.

For the construction of a ventilated bunker you need: roof and wall elements, internal ladders, ducts for ventilation, the fan itself and the stand. 

The advantages of this type of granaries are:

1) short installation time;
2) easy to maintain;
3) well suited for outdoor use;
4) mechanization of loading and unloading operations;
5) constant continuous ventilation of the grain, connected with its drying.

Despite the fineness of the structure, the bunkers are designed for a service life of more than 20 years. Modern Ukrainian granaries are designed taking into account the weather conditions - heavy snowfalls, storm winds, great heat. Granary can serve for many types of cereals, legumes and oilseeds.

You can buy bins for grain using the portal "Укрбізнес" in the company "Sokol", using the ready-made online form. There is a large selection of granaries from reliable suppliers. About each silo, you can read a detailed description with an indication of its characteristics. The guarantee for our equipment is 12 months. We provide warranty and after-sales service.

Let the ventilation of the granary help in further drying the grain and its processing to provide people with tasty and useful bread.