For a very long time elevators faced the problem that the transparency and geometric shape of the holes of traditional sieves did not allow grain-cleaning machines to increase productivity. In the manufacturer's passport, only numbers were written down, but in fact, others received, as a rule, much less.

There was a question: what to do?

The decision of this particular problem was dealt with at one time by the candidate of technical sciences Leonid Fadeev. But before answering what came out of it, let's see what factors affect the performance of grain cleaning machines. Firstly, this is the total area of the holes, the efficiency of cleaning the sieves, the ability to regulate the modes of sieve vibrations in order to select the best cleaning conditions. As if everything is all right, there is no possibility for improvement. But, having studied this situation, Leonid Fadeev came to the conclusion that the best way to solve this problem is to increase the transparency of the sieves, so he developed a new hexagonal shape of the sieve's holes, patent number 38580.

Our friend and partner, Sergei Scherban, also looked for the optimal cleaning option for example of sunflower seeds from ragweed impurities. We quote: "... we came to the conclusion - sieves with a round hole can not effectively clean the grain of ragweed. Passing through a round hole, it does not always turn the right side, so it does not always fail. If you increase the holes, the seeds will fail in any position and simultaneously pull a useful grain. A hexagonal hole in Fadeev's sieves will allow the ragweed seeds to fall into any position. So, a positive result of cleaning the grain is achieved." 

We add that only by replacing the sieves, depending on the size of the holes, it is possible to increase the cleaning efficiency from 30% to 60%.
This is already enough to understand the significant advantages of Fadeev's sieves. Without buying a new machine, and replacing sieves with round holes, you can increase the cleaning performance by 30-60% and its quality. We have been manufacturing Fadeev's sieves for more than five years and during this time, not one dozen enterprises installed them on grain-cleaning machines.

"The result is better than it was, and still a great effect. Sieves workes well. Our laboratory is satisfied with their work", - Valery, the leading specialist in the sales market issues from "Кременчуцького КХП", shares with us.

Take advantage of the opportunity to increase the productivity and quality of cleaning grain crops on the separators of the lattice type.

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