It's no secret that natural cosmetics, including natural creams, due to the content of natural vegetable oils in them, are able to smooth out skin defects, remove inflammation, improve complexion, they also impregnate the skin with useful components. The properties of plant components are inexhaustible, they have always been used by women for care.

Many people ask whether it is possible to use simple oil mixtures for skin care.

This is an individual question. More often they are used in Asian cosmetics (oiling). Experts argue that the European skin is slightly different from the Asian, so often oil mixtures are not suitable for Europeans, because they (the mixture) can clog pores. But there are women who enjoy using these means with pleasure.

Organic cosmetics includes, in addition to oil mixtures, also distilled water. It can also be broths of herbs, hydrolates (floral waters, for example, rose water). Another important component of natural cream is an emulsifier, and it is important that it is of natural origin (it is obtained more often from olive oil, wheat bran).

A few words about preservatives in cosmetics. In natural cosmetics, as a rule, salts of organic acids (benzoic acid salts - the main preservative component in cranberries, for example) are used. In a natural cream, you can also add components to give it some special properties. In this case, plant extracts, algae, vitamins, bee products are used.

One of the most remarkable components of the cream are essential oils. This is a miracle given to us by nature, and their impact is difficult to overestimate. They have a high penetrating ability, accordingly penetrate not only into the surface layer of the skin, but also deeper into the dermis, where the sebaceous, sweat glands, nerve endings, hair follicles. Properties of essential oils are such that they can regulate the work of the sebaceous glands, which positively affects the oily or combination skin. Many skin problems arise on the nerves (neurodermatitis, for example), which is also easily solved with the help of these components. There are those that stimulate the synthesis of collagen (large protein molecules that give the skin firmness). It is known that with age, collagen degrades (quality becomes worse, it is produced less). And now with the help of essential oils, for example, immortelle Italian and some others can improve the situation. A wonderful proof of this is a natural face cream with amaranth and comfrey extracts for the mature skin of TM Swan. The completely natural herbal composition of the cream improves elasticity, strengthens the skin tissues.

Natural cosmetics from the manufacturer (TM Swan) affects not just a certain area of the skin, but the whole body: it penetrates through the capillary system into the bloodstream, causing a general improvement in health. In addition, this is one of the ways of manifesting aromatherapy.