Jewellery. When we pronounce this word, we imagine a ring and earrings, chains and pendants. But all that is really only one facet of jewellery art. Undoubtedly, the jewellery manufacturing to order is one of the most popular areas of the jewellery business.

But do not believe that the activities of the jewellery workshops is limited by this. Jewel-crafting is one of the oldest types of folk art and modern jewellers are trying to save its tradition and perfected over many centuries technologies.

In particular, one of the most important directions of their work today is the manufacturing of the sculptures and sculptural compositions. For this purpose, as precious stones and metals, and wood and precious stones are used. Because of this each sculpture gains own personality, that is peculiar only for its appearance.

In a modern unified world such items have become an island of originality, that represent their owners in the most favourable light. Most often, sculptures are used to decorate the office interiors. It is connected with the same loss of individuality of person's workplace in a room where all the pieces of furniture are made of plastic or metal, even a small sculpture creates a sense of comfort.

Meanwhile, a sculpture in the jewellery business is not a new direction. For the first time the idea of using stones and precious metals to create different sizes and shapes figures was put into practice by great Faberge. His sculptures of animals and flowers have become a real incarnation of one fleeting moment in a rock. These figures look "alive."

Today jewellers in creative workshops continue and develop these traditions. Giving each sculpture a unique features, special character, they create a unique expressive compositions, each of which is created in a particular style depending on the author's intention. For making such sculptures jadeite, porphyrite, obsidian, rock crystal, quartz, aventurine, jasper, chalcedony and other stones are used. In addition, the sculpture can be decorated with pearls and enamel, precious stones and metals.