24px;">Advantages of solid shampoos:

18px;">- Such a shampoo will never spill (especially topical on the road), it does not take up much space in your bag, and contains a maximum of natural ingredients and a minimum of various preservatives, unlike liquid shampoos.
18px;">- Also, such shampoos are much more economical and more profitable than any bottles, after all, one such shred of solid shampoo can last for 2-3 months (depending on how often you wash your head).
18px;">In addition, the hair is washed with such shampoo better and stay clean longer - even the owners of fatty hair types say that they can wash their hair with firm shampoo not every day, but 2-3 days later.
18px;">- And, although it may seem to some that such solid shampoos are more expensive, and therefore, it is not profitable to buy them - it seems so, only at first glance. In fact, it is enough to calculate how many bottles of liquid shampoo you will have in 3 months and how many bars of solid shampoo will go away during the same period. As you can see, a rational approach and savings, and still good for your hair - is obvious.
18px;">- Add to this the fact that the vegetable components and essential oils that are part of the solid shampoos, are excellent at the task of caring for your hair and the need to purchase balms and hair conditioners is no longer necessary.
18px;">- After washing the hair with such a hard shampoo, the hair is easily combed, not electrified and looks shiny, clean and well-groomed.

18px;"> But, was not this what you were trying to achieve ?!