24px;">Do you know that your skin loses about one million dead cells every day? She constantly drops old cells and reproduces new ones.

/> 24px;">Fortunately, the skin cells are so tiny that this daily turnover is not visible to the naked eye. But if the skin is not scrubbed regularly, its dead cells can connect with natural skin fat and block the pores. This can lead to the appearance of black spots, inflammation and clogged pores - none of these phenomena will not bring you joy. Exfoliating the skin, you help to purify it from the dead dry cells, to less suffer from any of the problems.
24px;">To scrub the skin, we use only natural ingredients and do not use plastic scrubs. Not only because we believe that it's better for the environment (we are horrified by the very idea of where all these plastic scrub pellets go after they have been washed into the sink).

24px;">Natural exfoliates also have additional skin-friendly properties.

24px;">Natural ingredients provide your skin with a cleansing, smoothing effect along with a whole list of other benefits!

24px;">Skin scrubbing is an excellent way to preserve her health and natural functioning, and also give herself a pleasant sensation.

24px;">When deciding on the choice of scrub and the frequency of its use, we recommend that you listen to yourself and base your decisions on personal preferences.

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We wish you pleasant fragrances and smooth skin!