Are you tired of the standard design solutions?Do you want your interior to be fashionable,stylish and inimitable and ta the same time eco-friendly?We call to your attention an innovation at the decoration market - the unique eco-friendly 3D panels made of gypsum.

A decoration design is always in move.Nowadays there are a lot of different decoration variants which achieved a population among plenty of people.One of the most modern variants is a decoration of the walls with special 3D panels.Such elements have got a lot of advantages - they look very stylish and are determined to be eco-friendly works.Besides,with a help of 3D panels you can realize any of you ideas.Due to a great assortment it is possible to fulfil any of the designer’s solutions.

3D panels made of gypsum are the most traditional variants of the wall decoration with a help of 3dimentional constructions.The principle of their manufacturing is that the special solution on the base of gypsum fills up the forms imitating this or that relief.The gypsum itself is an eco-friendly material which can’t harm the human health.Besides t can be used at the radiator and this fact makes such a 3D panel more universal.It is thermal resistant and satisfies the requirements of fire safety being uninflammable.

One of the main advantages of such articles is a simplicity of their assembling.Gypsum 3D panels are assembled to the wall with a help of a special glue.To enlarge the exploitation term of  the article it is possible to use the plug nails. 

Nowadays you can find the gypsum panels of different tints.But if you want to use any other color which does not occur in the catalogue you can buy the article of a white color and paint it yourself having chosen the paint suitable to your room style.One can coat with a paint with a help of aerosols,brushes or rollers.

Decorative 3D panels is characterized by the relief dimentional parts of the decoration initially of a white color. Wall decoration made of bamboo fibre has a lot of advantages,in particular,it is easy to wash and does not cause an allergy as it does not gather a dust.


Imitating a stone laying,wave shaped patterns,different geometric figures like oval,cube,different models can brightly accent a decoration and detail any separate room zone or the whole apartment.Each model can be set in a different way and due to this to combine several different relief decorations.

Using the professional point-source lamp illuminations the gypsum 3D panels will shine in a new manner.A light falling on the relief shapes and a pattern will outline each necessary detail and a salt of such decorative wall processing of natural components.

Do you figure out of what material the decorative elements of your interior is made?Each of us wants to live in comfort,beauty and at the same time safety.3D panels for the wall are made of absolutely safe,eco-friendly decorative material.


Our 3D panels can be nicely painted with acrylic paints.Any original designer's idea can be realized with a help of a panel painting!The most elegant color and tint of the acrylic paints can be used for this decoration element.While being painted panels are changing their fine pattern.Your favourite color will outline the effective structure of the panels!And your interior will shine like new!