Remember the name Storm Casinos is a unique network of slot halls, which combines gaming opportunities with a cozy atmosphere and excellent service. Slot halls are in Germany, they are located in six different cities in Frankfurt and surrounding areas. There is a total of 10 locations, but the network is constantly expanding.

Storm Casinos is the brainchild of Michael Boettcher’s Storm International. This is an international holding whose name has become a sign of quality for people who love gambling. Since its founding in 1992, Storm International has been offering a wide range of entertainment at the VIP level. The company operates four Shangri La casinos in different Eastern European countries and has plans to open casinos in designated gambling areas in Russia. Strict rules, complete confidentiality, responsible game and great hospitality towards visitors are the main rules of the business vision.

Storm Casinos network was created as a cozy place for a leisurely gamble. Most locations have a sports bar or a grill bar on premises, or a restaurant nearby. Dozens of modern slot machines are available. But many visitors also come to unwind and relax, for great service and competitions.

Some of Storm Casinos in addition to slots offer additional entertainment: darts and pool. From time to time tournaments on these games are held, they are very popular with regular guests.

And the brand is positioning itself as a place for pleasant leisure. Any of the Storm Casinos units can be booked for parties. The format can be any: corporate party, family dinner, a friendly meeting, a New Year party and so on.

Storm Casino in Fulda is a place famous for its burgers. Often, they are called the best in the city. By the way, all the slot halls are decorated in the same style with the use of wooden furniture and common interior details. Specially selected lighting is responsible for a comfortable atmosphere and relaxation. There are similarities in design with the casino network, Darren Keane, Shangri La Director of Operations, says.

Storm International is constantly working to improve Storm Casinos to satisfy all the interests and tastes of its guests. Be sure to visit the fantastic slot Storm Casino halls in Germany.