Polyurethane floors are now much more than just high-quality sports coverage.
The specialists of Sportinventar plant will fulfil all wishes and requirements of the customer, as well as give advice on any matter connected with the polyurethane coverage floor.

We are fully confident that sports surface has to be very functional. Sports coverage should meet the necessary conditions of any sport and meet the demands of any athlete. And also it should be suitable for fairs, concerts and other large-scale events.

Polyurethane sport surface makes the pastime on the sports field very comfortable, no matter what sport it is, trainings or single championships, children's games or school lessons on physical education. Sports coverage, made on the basis of polyurethane is both security and convenience for the school gymnasium, indoor sports centres, professional sports fields, facilities for fitness and physiotherapy.
We are the authorized representatives of the Huntsman firm, which manufactures polyurethane coverage. We offer sports coverage, which has the very good characteristics.
These floors have a standard of quality sports floors:
- Injury prevention;
- Water permeability;
- Sound and noise insulation;
- Durability;
- Absence of joints and seams;
- Durability;
- Environmentally friendly;
- High decorative quality;
- Ease of cleaning and maintenance.

For more information about the sport coverage based on polyurethane, please contact the Kharkiv Sportinventar plant. Our tel.: (057) 733-08-58