"Will this deal live up to my expectations?" entrepreneurs often ask themselves.
We cannot but agree that it is sometimes difficult to start cooperation. Due to some circumstances, many profitable cooperatives remain at the stage of reflection, without ever moving into the real world. One of such circumstances is a lack of confidence in product quality and honesty of a partner. Of course, there have always been and will not be completely conscientious people whose work experience can permanently take away the desire to discover new enterprises and partners for themselves.

Understanding this position of some entrepreneurs, Logogroup takes a step towards dispelling all doubts about the manufacture of bags. If it is really difficult to place an order without a preliminary inspection and want to make sure once again that there is not mistake with the choice of an enterprise, then each can order delusional packages and other products, namely their free samples individually. They will be sent to the physical mailing address.

After client are sure that he can really deal with Logogroup company, feel free to pick up the phone and consult with product managers. It happens that a client knows what he wants and immediately calls us to buy packages in bulk or does it online in online stores.

However, most customers are professionals in their field, and not in the manufacture of branded bags. This is precisely the task of sell managers - to provide quality advice, tell, advise and choose the best option out of all possible. The range that we offer is very wide and it can be either a plastic bag with a logo, a zip lock bag, and many others. Each product unit has its own unique characteristics and features. Indeed, for a particular product different solutions are needed, for example, the loop package is designed more for light weight, while the t-shirt package is distinguished by the high strength of its design. Therefore, it will be easier to just call the number indicated on the site and, based on client's requirements, Logogroup will help to order branded packages.

As for the individual image, its application is possible on all products presented on the website and in the company's catalogs. If client do not have a clue about what exactly he need, it's enough just tell the manager about his company and products, and designers of Logogroup will turn his thoughts into reality.

It's need to wait 14-28 calendar days after the order is received for production, depending on the type of product. The party is already ready for free to go all over Ukraine. It is also possible to order serial production directly from the company's warehouse.