First you need to understand what flexible packaging is. Of course, in addition to the security and transportation functions, it also performs the functions of a carrier of advertising and information, such as packages with a logo. This feature allows you to find out basic information about a product and quickly identify it.

How to make the packaging "sell"?

First of all, you need to answer the 2 most important questions:
1. What should I sell?
2. Who is the target audience?

That is, what is the product: food, clothing, maybe it is tires. By answering this question, you can approach the answer halfway. For example, if the product is a shoe, then a great decision would be a packet of banana with a bottom fold, which simply fits an oversized box. Bulk goods are ideally suited for packing packages or doy-packs, for flowers - a conical package. The products of Logogroup's customers are extremely diverse.

Each product requires an individual approach, so we suggest consulting for advice.

Next, you need to find out who is the buyer of the product and identify the main characteristics that unite the target audience. Men, women, children, retirees, tourists, athletes, the wealthy, or middle-class citizens. Using clear segmentation by four principles:

- demographic;
- geographical;
- behavioral;
- psychographic.

This allows you to select the average buyer. For example, some men do not accept the product in pink packaging. It is also difficult to get the child's attention by pale colors, here it is more suitable for packing with bright cartoon characters. If the buyer is a retiree, most of them are enough to make the packaging simply sturdy.

By identifying the target audience, you can choose the packaging design, shape and colors. The first question will answer the look and purpose of the package, and answering the second it will be easier to decide if you need a package with a logo or enough thematic images and contacts on it.

Logogroup's managers will help you find answers to these and other questions, which will provide you with the best advice and best practices.