Plastic bags with mortise handles or die cut bag are one of the most common types of packages in advertising. The package was named a banana package because of the oval handles carved into it. The banana package has a large print area and it is ideally suited for logo packs. They are often used by brand stores, exhibitions and when conducting various types of advertising campaigns.

Usually this type of package has a smooth glossy surface and looks very presentable. Therefore, it is often chosen by companies that want to emphasize their image and status.

In addition to the standard package with cut handles, Logogroup offers additional modifications:

• with a side fold;
• with the bottom fold;
• with reinforced handles.

These modifications make the banana package more capacious or durable. The reinforced handle allows to carry much heavier purchases. Bottom or side folds will allow the banana package to fit larger weights and do not allow it to crumble or stretch.

Among the many marketing efforts of promotion of products, advertising on plastic bags is one of the most effective ways, as it works effortlessly. Packages with the logo and corporate identity on it will make the company more recognizable. Due to the durability of plastic packing bags, they can be reused and information about company or logo information will be working anywhere, anytime.

Great packaging for selling accessories, clothing, gifts, cosmetics, haberdashery, office supplies and more. You can often see a banana package at various trainings, seminars and conferences as packages for gift souvenirs and branded products. All because packages with a banana logo always have the perfect promotion effect in which area they would not be applied, due to their simple and sophisticated shape. The budget for the package production is low, but the company will definitely won't be unnoticed.