Promotional plastic bags with a logo - a very profitable investment in the promotion of the brand. Loop handle packages or hinged packs with characteristic hinged handles, as well as die cut bags, belong to the image packaging.

The presentable appearance of the loop package always attracts attention and captures the views of a wide audience. When the task is to make the package the most effective instrument of advertising, then you need to make sure that the image or logo is seen by as many people as possible. The die cut bag or t-shirt package also handles this function, but only the loopback package provides the largest print area. The image will always be flawed, fully viewable, and printable on almost the entire surface area. More information on print sizes and areas here. Therefore, a printed package with a logo or any other information will work perfectly as an advertising means.

Handles that extend beyond the dimensions of the package, increase its capacity and allow you to carry things, even higher than the package. When you filled the package, it does not stretch and hold its shape. The basic strength of the handles is not as high as, for example, the T-shirt bags. However, there are two additional product options, one of which is used to increase the durability of the product.

Design options:

• bottom fold;
• a coup.

This coup increases the strength of the handles and allows you to carry much heavier goods. The bottom fold is responsible for making the package larger, making it easier to carry bigger items.

All these characteristics of the package lead to increased interest in its design and the ability to place effective corporate advertising on it.

The "loop" package is most often used as an elite package to emphasize the company's image and is ideally suited as a packaging for souvenir, perfumery, cosmetics, food, clothing, footwear, stationery and more.

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