Courier packages are special polymer flexible packaging used to ship a variety of goods over the postal network. Logogroup manufactures custom packaging, so the entire range of our assortment, including the courier package, can be affixed with a logo or other promotional information.

Today, not only every postal company uses this package, but also a large number of enterprises engaged in the trade of a wide range of goods. The beauty industry, the footwear and apparel industry, office or souvenirs are just a small percentage of the total diversity of our customers. However, there are several advantages of this decision.

Advantages of the courier package:

1. Protecting the contents of the package from unauthorized access.
2. Creating a barrier that is resistant to gases, moisture, punctures and other destruction.
3. Fast and easy sealing.
4. Opaque inner layer that will ensure the privacy of the packaged goods.
5. The inability to forge the contents of the package.

Branded packaging is extremely important in any business area and is an integral part of building company awareness. Enjoy your customers and make sure they really enjoy receiving their products in beautiful branded logo packages.

Plastic bag for documents, small and medium-sized goods with adhesive tape on the valve. Provides protection of correspondence from moisture, dirt and dust, protection against unauthorized access (deformation of the valve after opening). Logogroup also offers an additional product option - a pocket for accompanying documents.

All raw materials used for the production of logo packs and other flexible packaging are of high quality and comply with all legal requirements. The process of production of packages is carried out under the qualified guidance of experienced specialists of the company.

Logoroup customers always appreciate the quality of the packaging, its resistance to external factors and its unique design.

Logoroup tries to make its products affordable and offers a very attractive wholesale price. The cost of a courier package, as well as a T-shirt bag or other package presented in the catalog on our site, will depend on the edition, the number of colors and the evidence of additional options.