Garbage bags made of high or low pressure polyethylene - a universal plastic bin bag for household rubbish and industrial waste.

Usually this disposable bag is used for solid waste. But the material from which Logogroup makes garbage bags is very resistant to chemical corrosive waste, has high mechanical resistance and does not leak. It is also able to withstand high loads without deformation and breaks.

Plastic garbage bags are a convenient and sanitary way of getting rid of waste and are widely used in various fields of human activity. Suitable for both household trash and construction waste. The garbage bags of our production are quite capacious, elastic and provide the best value for money.

Logogroup also offers label printing for packages. Manufacturing of refuse sack with a logo will be very effective advertising for your business. We are making rubbish bag according to your needs and preferences. Our company offers to produce good quality trash bags with individual sizes, thickness and design.

Any human activity has always been, and will be, inextricably linked to the incidental generation of garbage and waste that requires gathering and recycling. The appearance of garbage will always accompany a person during domestic chores, in the office, in production and construction. And only garbage bags effectively facilitate cleaning, with the subsequent removal of various wastes.

To reduce the environmental impact of polyethylene, Logogroup offers the possibility of producing eco-bags for trash with an oxo-additive that will allow the package to decompose in three years or to recycle garbage.