Packaging has been and continue to be a key element in the process of brand creation and promotion.

Correctly selected color of even the plastic T-shirt bag distinguishes the product against the competitors and gives to it an individuality. Logogroup is engaged in the production and sale of flexible packaging and polyethylene bags in bulk and offers to apply for detailed advice to managers. 
It is important to remember that color has a great influence on human emotions. Therefore, when choosing the color scheme of a plastic bag or other flexible package, you need to take into account not only what you need to sell, but also who your customers are and what feelings you need to evoke in a person in order to encourage them to buy. This does not mean that the entire package should be one color, it also means to emphasize the neutral color or even a mix of the right shades. It is also possible to make stylish glossy transparent bags - a new trend among plastic bags with a logo.

Color values:

White - purity and lightness; 
Yellow - sun, joy, warmth; 
Red – love and passion; 
Green - freshness, ecology and harmony; 
Blue – calm and confidence; 
Black is power and luxury;
Pink - tenderness.

The choice of the color of the package should be based on factors such as: 

- Purpose of goods. For example, dairy products are predominantly white, blue, green and yellow in color. If you present milk in black, brown or gray, associations will appear immediately related to the lack of product quality. 
- Season. In the summer in Ukraine, the products in demand are packed in packs made in blue and white tones, and in winter the goods are yellow, green and red. 
- Gender. Popular colors for men: blue, red, purple, black, green, are more likely to choose products in the packaging of white, lilac, pink, blue and green colors. 
- Financial position. Specialists at the Color Institute have proven that high-income people choose products of gray, blue, green, and silver, while low-income people prefer raspberry, red, and yellow colors.

Successfully combining colors can have a significant impact on sales, the product becomes recognizable and the brand becomes more popular and the demand for it becomes stable. Logogroup managers have gained invaluable experience over the years working with various companies, and will be happy to help you with any packaging problem.